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The VBurst™ Exhibits are a fabric pop-up system with a fabric graphic already attached to the frame using Velcro. It is available as either a flat wall or curved display. Combine multiple VBurst displays. Create complete Tabletop, 10’ and 20’ exhibits. Kits include accessories for complete exhibit needs. Examples include table throws, lights, and case/counter conversions with Dye Sublimation Graphic.  Everything you need at one great price.

Check out the VBurst  Backlit Display

VBurst 10'x20' Kit F...
From $8,174
VBurst 10'x20' Kit E...
From $7,038
VBurst 10'x20' Kit D...
From $6,341
VBurst 10'x20' Kit C...
From $6,770
VBurst 10'x20' Kit B...
From $6,685
VBurst 10'x20' Kit A...
From $6,746
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